Shelter A

Living in the Shelter of a Sovereign God

This is an 8-week study of the life of Joseph through which we seek develop “an unshakable awareness of the sovereignty of God so that when we cannot understand what He does, we can wholeheartedly trust and rest in the strong shelter of who He is.”

Below you will find the homework questions (broken down into weeks), lecture listening guides, and video each lesson. The Homework and Listening Guides are pdf files, so you will need Adobe Reader to open them (free download available here).

 Weekly Homework

Shelter_Study Guide_Week 1

Shelter_Study Guide_Week 2

Shelter_Study Guide_Week 3

Shelter_Study Guide_Week 4

Shelter_Study Guide_Week 5

Shelter_Study Guide_ Week 6

Shelter_Study Guide_Week 7

Lecture Listening Guides

Lesson 1_Significance of Gods Sovereignty

Lesson 2_When the Bottom Falls Out

Lesson 3_When Temptation Strikes

Lesson 4_When God Makes You Wait

Lesson 5_When You are Promoted

Lesson 6_When It’s Hard to Forgive

Lesson 7_When You Must Walk By Faith

Lesson 8_When You Need What Christ Alone Can Give

Lecture Videos

(Nothing fancy here – taken with my Flip camera in front of the ugliest wall known to man. A true no-budget operation!)

Lesson 1: The Significance of God’s Sovereignty (Intro – watch before you start Week 1 homework)

Lesson 2: When the Bottom Falls Out

Lesson 3: When the Temptation Strikes

Lesson 4: When God Makes You Wait

Lesson 5: When You are Promoted

Lesson 6: When It’s Hard to Forgive

Lesson 7: When You Must Walk By Faith

Lesson 8: When You Need What Christ Alone Can Give (Seeing Jesus in the Story of Joseph)


Becoming a Woman of Conviction in a World of Compromise Videos

(2012 Fall study on the book of 1 Corinthians)

There is a companion workbook that goes along with these teaching sessions that you can purchase here. These teaching sessions are supplemental and assume a basic understanding of the material from the workbook. DVD’s of these sessions can be purchased by contacting our office here.

Session 1: You Can’t Have It Both Ways (Introduction)

Session 2: How to Become Foolish

Session 3: Why Flee Sexual Immorality?

Session 4: Living Like Eternity is the Ultimate Reality

Session 5: Overcoming Overconfidence

Session 6: Gender Roles in Scripture – Demeaning or Delightful?

Session 7: Compassionate Conviction

Session 8: Steadfast, Immovable, Unstoppable



New You, New View Videos

(2012 summer study on the book of Romans)


Session 1: The Lens of the Gospel (Intro)

Session 2: A New View of Our World

Session 3: A New View of Salvation

Session 4: A New View of Ourselves

Session 5: A New View of God

Session 6: A New View of Life

Session 7: A New View of Others


Real Life in His Name Videos

( Fall 2011 study on the book of John)

In these videos, I frequently mention that homework material and listening guides are available for download. That is no longer the case.To purchase the companion workbook complete with listening guides, click here. DVD sets are also available for purchase here, or by e-mailing me. These are made-to-order, so please allow at least two weeks production and shipping time.

Session 1: Our All-Sufficient Savior (Intro.)

Session 2: Real Life

Session 3: Real Satisfaction

Session 4: Real Light

Session 5: Real Abundance

Session 6: Real Hope

Session 7: Real Answers

Session 8: Real Fruitfulness

Session 9: Real Peace

Session 10: Real Redemption

Twelve Extraordinary Women Book Club Videos



Preface and Introduction

Chapter 1: Eve

Chapter 2: Sarah

Chapter 3: Rahab

Chapter 4: Ruth

Chapter 5: Hannah

Chapter 6: Mary

Chapter 7: Anna

Chapter 8: The Samaritan Woman

Chapter 9: Martha and Mary

Chapters 10 & 11: Mary Magdalene and Lydia (not yet recorded)





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