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Last weekend I had the privilege of teaching an amazing group of women at my church’s women’s retreat. There is no way these videos can adequately capture what took place in the hotel conference room that quickly became holy ground as God’s Spirit swept through and dazzled us with the stunning brilliance of our radiant God. But I am so excited that my little Flip video camera was able to capture the teaching so that whether you were able to attend the retreat or not, you can be dazzled as well. One advantage you have over those of us who heard these messages live is that you get to watch them  in your pajamas with a giant cup of coffee. We’re a little jealous. 😉

Listening Guide (if you want to take notes as you listen)

Session 1 – “God:The Source of Radiant Living”

Session 2 – “The Holy Spirit: The Sustainer of Radiant Living”

Session 3 – “Our World: The Purpose of Radiant Living”


  1. Maurica Esguerra says

    Hey! First, let me say so enjoying hearing you speak God’s Word at the retreat. I have just kept pouring over in my head something you mentioned concerning Psalm 24. I am merely paraphrasing of course and totally be wrong altogether, however…when this chapter speaks of clean hands and pure heart you mentioned that we do have clean hands and a pure heart. Then you mentioned something to the effect of a read or other verses clarifying that God’s gives the clean hands and pure hearts. I know, I know totally messing it up. You put is so beautifully that I need to know what exactly you stated in reference to those verses in Psalm 24. I was so hoping it was written in your speaking notes! Thanks for the help and patience!

    • Maurica,

      I’m so glad to hear that your are still “marinating” in the truths taught at the retreat! The part you are referring to is in Session 1 at the 36:06 mark. You may have to let the video buffer for a bit before you can get there, but that’s probably the best way to “re-live” that point. My personal teaching notes often don’t make a lot of sense to anyone but myself, but I will check there as well. If its clear enough, I will send that part to you via email. Blessings to you!

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