My Special Place

It’s just a chair. It was cheap. I don’t love the color. I can never get all of the dog hair off of the ottoman. And the blanket on top of the ottoman – well, let’s just say it hides a few things. Fabric, foam, stuffing, thread, staples and wood. That’s all it is. Maybe it would fetch $50 on Craigslist, but I doubt it.

But the things that happen each morning when I roll out of bed, stumble to the coffee pot, and then fall (still half asleep) into this chair are absolutely priceless . . .life changing . . . mind transforming.

You see, this chair is where I meet with Jesus. It’s where I boldly approach the throne of grace and find help for every need; where I open my Bible and hear the God of the universe speak to my heart; where I confess my sin and embrace forgiveness; where I cry out to my precious Lord and anticipate His provision; where I intercede – often with many tears – for those I love.

It’s where I regularly face the grim reality of who I’m not, but get to rejoice in all that my God is.  In that early morning hour, when the house is filled with silence, this is where God speaks to me and where I speak to Him. (The fact that such a thing is even possible never ceases to “wow” me!)

That is why it’s my special place – my little piece of holy ground.

Do you have a special place?

If not, I highly recommend it. It doesn’t have to be fancy or pretty or look like it came out of the latest Pottery Barn catalogue. It just has to be somewhere to sit, and read, and listen, and ponder, and pray, and cry, and sing, and laugh, and (if you’re like me) cry some more. A place where your Bible is always open and handy; where a pen and journal are always ready; and where you can retreat with a cup of coffee or tea before or after a long day to commune with the One – the ONLY One – who can satisfy your thristy soul.

It’s pretty crazy to think that the place where I have experienced the most change, gleaned the most wisdom, and had the most precious “God moments” is not a church sanctuary, a Bible study meeting place, a conference center, or a seminary classroom. It’s a humble, oversized, poorly upolstered green chair nestled in the corner of my living room. Eight years ago when Greg and I purchased that thing, who would have ever thought? Crazy indeed.

If you have a special place, I’d love to hear about it!

“In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.” Mark 1:35


  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement! Even though we are miles apart, I still need you to remind me of where I need to be! Please pray that God would make my thoughts high like His and not on temporary things. That He would be my first love again and make me crave Him every minute of every day!

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