Marinate Blog Summer Study: Week 7

Here’s the last teaching session of the Romans study. Better late than never! 🙂

For those of you who have stuck with it, way to go! It’s been so fun “marinating” with you!!!


  1. Dawn Robinson says

    Thank you Aprile for sharing this Summer study with us.
    I know alot of work went into this. Love you girl and I am looking forward to your Corinthians study.
    Will videos also be on your website for this book. I would like to join this study also? Have a great day. 🙂

  2. My favorite part of this lesson is the fact that we need to do everything out of sincere love! That is such a crucial point but one we so easily let slide! It is hard to love. It is especially hard to love the “unlovely.”. My favorite part of Romans was when you described justified as being just as if I never sinned! Wow! So undeserving! Especially when we do make mistakes and God not only forgives us but gives us a clean slate to start over! I don’t think we will ever truly be able to fathom the love God has for us! Love you for ALL you do!

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