Marinate Blog Summer Study: Week 3

Here’s the third teaching video. I’d love to hear what benefit of being a justified believer is most precious to you!



  1. Dawn Robinson says

    Wow that was awesome. So much stuck out to me, but the one thing that spoke to me was we have access to God’s love. I have learned over the years of serving God that He loves me but I can remember a time I thought how can God love me and when you said it is wrong to think this way I had a picture of my 15 year old who is always questioning my love for him when I give him advice or say no you can’t do that he gets upset. I tell him I always want what’s best for you and it hurts my feelings when you think other wise. But I have done the same thing to my heavenly Daddy and got upset or thrown a fit and questioned his love. When the whole time my Daddy was saying I have your best interest at heart. Thank you for the reminder.That just really spoke to my heart. Love you girl keep up the good work. Your labor is not in vain this word is speaking to hearts.

    • Thank you so much Dawn. I treasure your words so much and LOVE hearing how God is using the study to work in your heart. The love of God . . . wow.

  2. What doesn’t stand out to me in your session? After I listened to it I said “must make time to listen to this one again”!! I have never thought about how much it hurts God that we may say he doesn’t love us. I remember when I was out of high school and struggling with life telling my Aunt that there was no way God could ever possibly love me! How much that must have hurt him – but I had NO idea!!! I was saved much younger in my life but had walked away. You reminded me today (tonight) that getting saved was still spectacular even though I have not always lived the same life I am living now. I always just mutter through that part of my testimony but it is because of that salvation he was right there with me even though I was NOT using any of the things I had access to as a believer, nor was I acting like one! Thank you for being you and for your work making this study available.

    • Ashley, I’m so excited to hear about how you are applying these truths. And I’m so glad that even when we break the heart of God, it has absolutely no bearing on His love and acceptance of us. When someone grieves our hearts, we tend to pull away. He’s NOT like that! He keeps on pursuing us. Keeps on drawing us close. His arms stay wide open . . . becasuse the blood of Jesus covers every failure, every sin, every area of our lives where we’ve fallen short. And boy am I thankful!

  3. Beth Bailey says

    Loved it! (I am little behind in the study but am still here & determined to finish what I started, even if it takes me a little longer to get there.) This entire message was awesome. I completely agree with you, as believers I don’t think we continually access everything we have in Him. Thank you for pointing these different areas out. I plan to study them further as I know I need them all to walk out the journey I am on. Loved your analogy at the end too!!! My hubby is a big Lord of the Rings fan also, so they can go see The Hobbitt together when it comes out! 🙂

    • Haha – I’ll tell Greg! 🙂

      So thankful to hear that we walk TOGETHER on the journey of appropriating ALL that God has blessed us with in Christ. I, too, want to be more and more diligent in that pursuit.

  4. I look forward to watching you speak since it is the only time I can see your face! I love that God gives us enabling grace to stand! I especially need that today! I loved how you said that the in between until our future glorification can still be hard! I am so glad that I serve God but it is still hard to love the way Jesus loves the “unlovely”. I pray I can truly learn to love like Him.

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