Marinate Blog Summer Study: Week 2

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Well, how’s it going so far? I know it takes some time to get into that summer groove, but I trust you are getting thereย  . . . slowly but surely. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the second teaching session where we will take a look at how the gospel should impact the way we see the evil and immorality in our world. If you’ve ever watched the news and/or read the paper and just shook your head and thought “What in the world is going on with our world?!”, this one’s for you.

If you are just now hearing about the study and want to get in on it, subscribe to the blog (if you haven’t already)ย and let me know you’d like a copy of the e-workbook (you an contact me here). I’ll email it to you ASAP!

Enjoy! (And let me know your thoughts!)


  1. Rebecca Spangler says

    I’m LOVING this Romans study. I just finished this video while scrubbing my bathroom floors as I took advantage of my 11 month olds nap time! In a world that screams “tolerance” of immorality and sin, it is refreshing to be reminded of the TRUTH in Romans and the depravity of man. So enjoyed todays study. Thank you!

    • This comment made my day Rebecca! Studying Romans while mopping – now THAT’S multitasking! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it!!!! So, so glad that you are enjoying the studying and very thankful for your encouraging words.

  2. Finally, got my homework finished so I could start the 2nd video! I love learning about this book with you! The things that stood out most was the suppressing of the truth…never really viewed it through those lens. But it is very true. I also like the how you explained the quiet wrath of God. I have several family members who suppress the truth and it truly breaks my heart!! Thank you again for leading this study, it is always so refreshing to hear you teach! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really never realized that verse 20 was talking about God’s distinction from creation! I always thought it meant people are without excuse because heavens declare the glory! I mean obviously creation reveals God, but now I understand even more clearly that we need to tell others of His righteousness! I am in awe of how God loves us so much that He provided a BUT…a way out from our sin depravity! I also really liked when you said the “innocent” person in Africa! We all stand condemned! Thank-you for the knowledge you impart to us!

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