Marinate Blog Summer Study: Week 1

Not only do I have a new Bible study for you today, I have a whole new blog! and are now one in the same. The new blog is going to allow me a lot more flexibility moving forward, which I’m excited about. There are a few things to tweak (such as making it readable on mobile devices), so bear with me. We’ll get there!

Here’s the first teaching video of our Romans study – New You, New View: How the Gospel Changes Everything. It’s okay if you have already started the workbook, but this video is intended to be watched before you get started on your first week of homework.

A few things:

  • If it looks all green and garbled, give it a few minutes to buffer.
  • If you have subscribed to the blog but never received the workbook, let me know!
  • If you haven’t subscribed but want the workbook all you have to do is enter your e-mail address in the “subscribe” section to the right. Then, activate your subscription when you receive the e-mail asking you to do so (just a click – super simple).

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this lesson! One thing you got out of it, one truth that stood out to you the most – something like that. We can make this study much more interactive (and fun!) if we “talk” with one another through the comment feed.

By the way, have I told you how excited I am that you are joining me for this study? Well, if not, I am. Really, really excited!

Now go get that warm cup of coffee, a pen, and your workbook (listening guide on page 5) and let’s get start “marinating” in the incredible, life-changing truths of Romans!



  1. Beth Bailey says

    Loved it Aprile! I especially enjoyed the last truth in the outline … IT IS NOT ABOUT US! … a revelation I am ashamed to admit took me until just last year to get. We are so busy trying to fulfill ourselves & looking for the latest thing to make us happy that we miss it! God wants us to be fulfilled or He wouldn’t give us the desire for it, but it is only when we are willing to die to ourselves & live for Christ (which sounds so painful) that we experience the freedom found in Him as well as the fulfillment we so desperately desire. Every good thing is in Him! I’m thankful He revealed this truth to me and pray others see it also. See you next week!

    • Beth, I’m SO with you! The Christian life is such a paradox – we truly live when we die, we find ourselves when we lose ourselves in Jesus, we are rich when we are poor in spirit, and on and on it goes. It seems as though I should be happier by focusing on myself more, but that’s not true at all. My joy is determined by my willingness to sacrifice my own self-stuff for the glory of Christ’s name. You said that every good thing is in Him. To that, I say, “AMEN SISTER!” So, so glad you are doing this study with me Beth!

  2. Ashley Smith says

    So excited to have started this study with you. I loved the children’s bible description – I may have to get myself a copy of it! I think the biggest aaha moment for me was remembering to share him and how much he means to us outside our ghetto! Moving to a new place I have this opportunity more than I’d like but I know I need to be bolder about it. I ususally speak my mind but here lately I’ve not been as outspoken when I meet new people. I am just assuming they won’t get it and don’t share my same views. God has reminded me and now you ….”I’m listening”!!

    Thank you for your time to put this together! Ps we also love Pawn Stars!!

    • Yay for Pawn Stars! 🙂

      I will be praying that the Lord would continue to make you bold to share Christ. How’s the church hunt going? Starting to feel settled yet? I’m so glad we get to connect through this study! I always love hearing from you. Whether you get the Jesus Storybook Bible for your family or not, it makes a wonderful baby shower gift. I try to have a few copies on hand at all times. 🙂

  3. Julie Shilling says

    Loved the first video! Definitely need this study right now, I have alot going on and I know I need God’s word every day right now- 32 weeks pregnant with number two, just moved to Florida in September and even though that’s coming up on a year I don’t know too many people and that can be very tough, I do attend Bell Shoals on Sunday Mornings and went to every Mom 2 Mom meeting pretty much, which was a lifesaver!! But anyways on top of that we are moving to a new house we had built at the end of this month, alot of stress right now and I know how easy it is to lose focus and put the focus on my needs and not what God wants for me, it’s not my party ;). I loved the fact that the first thing we talked about was the sole purpose of the Gospel and just re-establishing what it’s purpose is and not a “book of rules” or a simple guideline. I liked how you discussed that Jesus doesn’t need to be on top of your list, he should BE your list. Great message, excited for more.

  4. Amber Morales says

    Very encouraged and cannot wait to continue in this study!

  5. Treva Davies says

    Just finished the first video, loved your introduction to Romans. I like your analogy of Christ is the master key. He needs to be our everything. Of course, we have heard this before, but it seemed to be louder today. Thanks Aprile, looking forward to getting started in the book of Romans.

  6. Sharon Terrell says

    Now that I’m officially on my summer break, I started the study this evening with your video. Wow! I really needed this to get my “lens” refocused. So many times I find myself focusing on what needs to be done today, this week, next week, etc. and at the end of the day, realize that I have not even placed Jesus ON my list! I am looking forward to spending time in Romans and focusing each day with Christ AS my list.

  7. Molly Beattie says

    Great start to study! The obedience truth challenged me this evening as well as the last point, it’s not my party!! I may have to steal that line:). Thank you for all your hard work and time in preparing for this study.

    • Well, I stole it from Paul Tripp, so go right ahead Molly! If you haven’t read his book Instruments in the Redeemers Hand, you would love it. That’s where I got the illustration. Actually, that’s where I got a LOT of things. May be one of the most influencial books I’ve read. Really changed the way I think in many ways. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the first week and really, really glad that you are a part of this!

  8. Ashley Gauthier says

    I am finally just now starting this study tonight! I really enjoyed this session. Two truths that really spoke to me tonight were about living a life of obedience (the gospel is not just supposed to change the way I die, but change the way I live) and the fact that this is not my party. I am guest, not the center of attention! Such a timely word! Looking forward to the homework this week!

    • So glad you enjoyed the lesson! Those are the two points that spoke to me the most as I prepared. The “It’s not my party” illustration is always so convicting to me. Glad you are doing this study with me, friend.

  9. Ann Marie says

    Listened to the first lesson tonight. Wow something to ponder and think about. It is all about him and I am just a guest at his party. Thank you for a great lesson.

  10. I just finished Daniel with Beth Moore which is why I have been behind but I am finally caught up! I am so excited to study the word with you! I am so privileged to call you my friend and know I will learn so much from your wisdom! I recommitted my life to Christ and want you to know God is transforming my heart for Him! I finally realize He is my knight in shining armor! He is my greatest love story! The last five days have been the first days I have had in a row in His word in a long time! I always seem to be hit and miss. I have been prioritizing the wrong things and by the grace of God He is changing me! Thank-you for all the time you have given to this study! I know I will enjoy it!

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