Book Club: Twelve Extraordinary Women, Video 9 (Samaritan woman)

I think this one is my favorite AND I kept it well under 40 minutes! PROGRESS baby!

I apologize for not posting this last week. When I went to record my camera was dead and I didn’t build enough margin in my week for a do-over. So, it’s a little late. But, I have every intention of posting the next one a week from today, so we’ll get right back on schedule.

Enjoy! And as always, let me know what truth(s) in the chapter stood out to you!

[wpvideo IhHUfeUl]


  1. Kara Farr says

    What a wonderful truth! I never compared the water pot before to leaving our “stuff” but that was a wonderful comparison. My prayer from this session that you said was that I can live such a changed life that people take notice. That they notice something different about me and stop and ask. We live in a world of so much “fake” beauty and “fake” wealth that we need the real thing. The day that I had to drive to get a splint put on Abby’s elbow from her break I cried out to God and said, “Lord, please use Abby and I for your glory! Life is not worth living if it is not to give you glory.” I pray that I wake up every morning thinking that. All the stuff that we go through is useless if it is not to give Him all the glory and praise that He so deserves! Change my heart oh God!

    • Yes, yes, YES! I am so with you on everything you said! So true that we live in a world of so much fake. And I can be so guilty of being “fake” myself. People crave the real deal, and how incredible is it that we have that in Christ?! I continue to pray for you and for Abby and your whole family. God has, is, and will continue to use Abby for His glory. I love that your heart craves that so deeply!

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