Book Club: Twelve Extraordinary Women, Video 5 (Ruth)

This chapter was goooooooooooood!!!

[wpvideo S3cR8DIB]


  1. Thank-you for always keeping up with the videos girl! Anyway, I would say that two things stuck out to me. One, Do I have that kind of relationship with my mother in law? Wow. I am in awe of Ruth and her dedication to her mother in law. I do not know about you but family can be very difficult and hard. I love them very much, but you can get tired of being around family all the time. Ruth is someone to look up to. Second, I love that God has released us from the bondage to our sin and forgiven us. What a wonderful truth! Naomi is a testimony as well to her life and her testimony to her family. Many good truths to tuck away! I also wanted to add that it is encouraging to see your blog posts about real life because it makes me feel like I am not the only one that messes up all the time! 🙂

    • I just saw this comment for some reason! As always, I really love your insights. Yes, family dynamics can be complicated! Every time I read the book of Ruth, something new hits me. This time it was Naomi and the seemingly unrelenting adversity that she endured. “Just call me Bitter.” Man, that really hit me – and MacArthurs explaination of how it wasn’t a complaint, but how it was coupled with an understanding of God’s control over it all . . . so, so good. Something I’d never thought of before. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for encouraging me.

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