Book Club: Twelve Extraordinary Women, Video 4 (Rahab)

Is it me, or is this book getting better and better? What an incredible chapter! Don’t mind the “comfy pants.” They will most likley become part of the regular book club wardrobe. 🙂

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[wpvideo QE079BRj]


  1. God I pray that You will give me a fear for You like nothing I have ever experienced before. I pray that I will learn to live within the boundaries of what You say in Your Word. I thank You God for Your wonderful magnificent grace! I cannot even begin to describe how awesome You are! Every time I read a story like Rahab’s story, I am reminded of Your grace! I am reminded that You have forgiven me! It is nothing that I have earned but everything that You have given. Thank-you for showing me that You will use EVERYTHING in my life for Your glory, and I do not have to reinvent the wheel. I praise You for wanting us enough to die for us. Teach me to love like that! Teach me to share that love with a lost world. There are many Rahab’s in the world who just need You. Help me to be Your hands and Your feet in a dark world in desperate need of You.

    • Kara, I first read this on my phone and haven’t mastered how to reply to a comment that way. But please know that when I read it I literally shouted a big, fat “AMEN!” out loud (luckily, I was by myself in my car :)). Beautiful words flowing from a beautiful heart! Your comments make me want to see you to badly!

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