Book Club: Twelve Extraordinary Women, Video 3 (Sarah)

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Sarah as much as I did! If something stood out to you from the reading and/or the video, I want to hear about it! Even if you are watching this several weeks or months after the original post date, don’t hesitate to comment.

About this video –  a minute or so of it got cut off at the end. Apparently, my camera got tired of listening to me yack on and on about Sarah and decided to shut off (even though it had battery AND space left . . . hmmmm.) The good thing is, the only thing that got cut off was my weekly speech about leaving a comment and my ackward farwell. In other words, nothing much. 🙂

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  1. Cindy Levy says

    You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for helping me see the “theme”of my story. Seeing the whole of my life, is a very encouraging thing for me. My bad choices are not what defines me, it’s my faithfulness and desire to continue serving my Lord,that defines who I am! Reading about Sara was like reading my story…I love God and believe with all my heart, but take things into my own hands at time and make life so much harder on myself than God ever intended. I will believe in his promises no matter how long it takes, he is a truthfful and very trust worthy God I serve! Thanks again Aprile!

    • Cindy – You have no idea how excited it makes me to see how God is using this book club in your life! It’s obvious you are really “marinating” in the rich truths of each chapter and God is being so faithful to reveal Himself to you and “renovate” the way you see yourself. Who knew Sarah had so much to teach us?! Love it sister!!!

  2. Thank-you for your faithfulness in sharing! God will bless you immeasurably more than we can ever ask or hope! I am encouraged by the fact that God was faithful even when Sarah began to feel faithless in those last years. He cannot disown Himself! What a wonderful promise! The most important truth I got from this lesson is that we can have our own plans, but they will always lead away from God and to consequences we regret. I am thankful that even as I have “messed” up so many times, He is faithful and just to forgive me of my sin and even use it for His glory and honor! The last thing I want to mention is what God has been teaching me recently with Drew’s dad almost dying twice in the last week. He wants us to believe that He can do what He says He will do. He waited until Lazarus died before He healed Him to have us believe that He would do it and it would not be by any of our effort. I love that He cares so much for us to take the time to teach us these valuable truths. Thanks again! Love you friend!

    • I LOVE the things you pulled from this chapter Kara. And I think it’s so neat how our experiences (like what you are walking through with your father-in-law) help us see things we maybe wouldn’t have otherwise. I have learned so much from Sarah and can’t believe it’s taken me so many years to REALLY study what Scripture tells us about her life!

  3. When I look at my life, I tend to look at my sin and my mistakes first…but when I made an honest assessment of my theme, it was a great comfort. No matter what, I have clung to the Lord, never completely losing hope and faith. I am now picturing my life as a book. The beautiful cover reads, “She Never Lost Her Hope.” I pray this theme continues for the rest of my life…all our lives!

    • I want to buy that book!!! 🙂 What a worhwhile thing for us all to do – to look at the overall theme of our life-book and come up with a title. You will see that in one of my studies some day!

  4. Dawn Robinson says

    I was so encouraged by Sarah’s life. What spoke to me was her questing whether or not she was the one God would use to fulfill this promise. And the Peace she would finely have when Abraham told her what the Lord had said about her. But my covenant I will established with Isaac, whom Sarah shall bear to you at this set time. For the first time, here was a promise, with a fixed date, assuring Sarah of her place in the covenant. Wow what joy she must of had hearing that. I saw Gods faithfulness to Sarah not only did he bring to pass
    the promise but Sarah got to enjoy her little boy for 37 years. Gen.23:1 The wait was long but I believe Sarah would say it was worth it.
    Pr. 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh
    it is a tree of life.
    Sarah’s life gave me hope to keep trusting God for the longings I have been praying for.

    • I love that you quoted Prov 13:12! I think we have all lived that one way or another. Sometimes it feels like all we’re ever going to experience is the “sick heart” part. But in light of God’s faithfulness, we can be certain that we’ll get to experience the “tree of life” part as well. Probably not as soon as we would like, but at just the right time on God’s perfect calendar. Thank you so much for your insight Dawn!

  5. As someone who is a work in progress when it comes to patience, I LOVE that it’s emphasized how GOD’s timing is the timing that’s always perfect. I often wondered why He would prolong Sarah’s suffering of not being able to have a child. I had a “lightbulb moment” when seeing that He timed it perfectly in Sarah’s old age…there would be NO doubt….this could ONLY be an act of God! I love your description of her being a “megaphone”. 🙂 I’ve been reminded (again) to take a step back and wait on the Lord…when He answers, it’ll be perfect. (but I really hope it doesn’t take 25 years, ha!)

    • I love lightbulb moments like that!!! Stepping back and waiting on the Lord . . .HARD to do. But the reward is always so worth it. God’s in the business of doing abuntantly above all we could ever ask or think! I agree – 25 years is a bit long. 🙂 Love you Jaime!

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