Book Club: Twelve Extraordinary Women, Video 2 (Eve)

Remember how I said this is all new for me and I would be learning as we go along? Well, one thing I am learning is that a 30 minute video segment isn’t going to cut it. My new goal is to keep the videos between 40 and 50 minutes.

Remember to leave a comment! I’d love to hear the one thing that stood out to you to most from chapter 1!

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  1. Christina Ragan says

    Nooooo… my computer just cut off right when you were talking about your 3rd bullet:( agh. I really enjoyed what I heard so far and will try to fast forward!? You are doing a great job Aprile. You know I am your biggest fan!
    Love the pj’s C Ragan

    • That’s the worst!!! Hope you were able to get it back on. Thanks for the encouragement – such a blessing. And way to go on being the first to comment on this one – woot woot!

  2. This was awesome Aprile. I can’t say I’ve ever paid much attention to the Adam and Eve story, other than the obvious :). I learned so many new truths, but the one that stuck out to me, is not just the pain of bringing children into the world through childbirth, but the pain we as moms experience raising them. I take it so differently than my husband when they disobey or disappoint. It rolls off his back, but I am down for the count…I take it SO personally….I try and find a way to blame myself, instead of just seeing it as sin, plain and simple. Just knowing it was a part of the original curse, somehow helps. I need to stop being so sensitive and hurt, and just take it to the Lord over and over again. He understands!

    • Teri, I LOVE this, especially how you brought up the difference between how mom’s take the pain of parenting compared with dads. I am VERY new to the mom thing, but I already see that in my own life. I remember looking at Shep a few days after we brought him home from the hospital and thinking, “You are the source of the greatest joy I will ever know, and you will break my heart into a thousand pieces.” (Then I sobbed, because I was REALLY hormonal.) But it’s so true – we are sinners who give birth to sinners. Pain is a part of the ENTIRE parenting process. And you’re right, it does help to know it’s part of the curse AND that in Christ, there is so much hope. “Stop being so hurt . . . take it to the Lord over and over again . . .He understands.” Good word Teri!

  3. Grace in the curse! Wow! The mercy of our God! It is important to commit to believe just like Adam & Eve that Jesus’ righteousness is our righteousness! Thank-you Jesus for loving me enough to die for me! Thank-you for Your shed blood that gives me life! May my family commit to the verse: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” It is so hard to submit to Drew, you know, but may I tap into the power given to me by your spirit to truly be the Godly wife that I need to be. Thank-you Jesus!

    • Amen sista! Your comment about submission reminded me about something my pastor shared this past Sunday. He said that there are ten words that can change your life (that got my attention!). They are: “I can’t, but Jesus can, and He lives in me.” So simple, yet so profound when you really think about it. And it is such an important truth for us as we embrace the roles of wives and moms – two things that demand so much more than we can give on our own. LOVE that we have supernatural resources for “doing life” b/c of the Holy Spirit!

  4. Wow, Aprile…your insights are so helpful in pointing things out that I may not have other wise thought of. The part with the curse of child birth also hit a cord with me, always looked at it as just the physical pain of childbirth as part of the curse. But I also am in pain when I look at my adult children’s lives and see the sin they are involved in and not putting God in their lives at all. Falling to the world’s false beliefs, it terrifies me. I also love the explanation of how we are equal yet submissive to our husbands…I will be able to share this comparison with my daughter who struggles with this issue too…I often hear her say “are your legs broken you get it”, lol. I think was born a very submissive person to a bad extent, and my daughter definitely did not inherit that trait from me. One truth that I need to work on is believing the lies that satan puts in my head which lead to the many insecurities I live with daily. I will work on learning scripture that contradicts these lies, because as you said “If we are not confident in God’s word we are in trouble” Satan will continue to win and have control over me. I need to remind myself that yet I am a sinner, I can bruise the serpents head by the use of the power of God’s word! So easy to put in writing how I feel, I pray that I can put in my heart and live what I know what I believe.

    • I’d say you REALLY got what this chapter was about Cindy!!! What I love most about what you said is the part about fighting the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word. I think we can get so focused on identifying the lies and tearing them down, but fail to REPLACE them with truth. It’s one thing to acknowlege the insecurities that exist, but it’s a whole other thing to attack those insecurities head-on with Scripture! If we don’t take it to that level, we’ll never expereince LASTING freedom. Love, love, love that you got that and that you are seeking to live it. I am joining you in praying that ALL OF US would put in our hearts and LIVE what we believe! By the way, it’s such a pleasure to get to know you through this book club!

  5. Just wanted to add after Cindy’s comments, that I am also talking about teens and young adult children. You think it’s hard when they are little, but wow… I did not see it coming….keeps me on my knees! The prayers of a mom are powerful though, so I stand in the gap, patiently praying (did I just say patiently?)… always remembering God has a plan!

  6. Dawn Robinson says

    What a great time spent in the word. And as far as wearing your pajamas
    That’s what I watch this video in. I like the fact that when you make a comment
    that really speaks to me I can pause it and write it down . Again thank you for
    The time you put into this study, I have done a bible study before and there is a lot of behind the secens that goes on that nobody but you and God sees.But we reap from it through these blogs. The thing that blessed me was the hope I saw
    Eve have in her Creater. Gn.4:1- NIV. She said, With the help of the Lord I have
    Brought forth a man. Another thing that spoke to me was the husband and wife
    relationship it is ALWAYS! Good to be reminded what our roles are to our families. March 16 I will be celebrating my 21th anniverary. I also have a 15
    year old son so I understand sometimes not wanting to be submissive, what has helped me is remembering who has blessed me with my family that Where I am weak He is strong. And I am like you I desire to be the wife/mother God created me to be. So for me this chapter was a great reminder of that. See you next time.

    • Dawn, I had actually NEVER thought about Eve’s hope in the Lord that is expressed in Gen. 4:1 until reading the chapter, and I’ve probably read that verse at least a hundred times! I love that no matter how long or deep we dig into the Word, there are always new “treasures” to find!Thank you so much for your comments. They are a blessing and a HUGE encouragement! And happy anniversary!!!!

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