ColossiansWhen things appear to unravel, you have a SUPREME Savior holding it all together. When you feel depleted and incapable, you have an ALL-SUFFICIENT Provider supplying every need. There is no circumstance over which He does not reign; no need He cannot meet…and that should radically change how we think and live! Nowhere are these truths more beautifully displayed than in the book of Colossians. Join us as we walk verse-by-verse through this life-changing letter in search of a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to be forgiven, redeemed, and complete in Him.

Weekly Homework/Study Guide

51WvguOYLbL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_We are using the NavPress LifeChange Series workbook Colossians & Philemon which can be purchased here.






Teaching Audio

Week 1: Introduction (1:1,2)

Week 2: Let’s Grow! (1:1-14)

Week 3: The Incomparable Christ (1:15-29)

Week 4: More Than Enough (2:1-23)

Week 5: Be Who You Are, Part 1 (3:1-11)

Week 6: Be Who You Are, Part 2 (3:12-17)

Week 7: The Fruit of Spiritual Fullness (3:18-4:18)


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