A Blogging Break

Well friends, July is nearly over, which means that the deadline for me to have my Fall study to the printer is FAST approaching. In a perfect world, I would be entering the copy editing phase of the writing process, but to my dismay I don’t live in a perfect world. Hence, I still have six chapters of 1 Corinthians to research and write about. [Deep, anguished sigh.] It’s looking pretty doubtful that a thorough “copy editing phase” will ever happen. So, this study is bound to blow your mind with all sorts of interesting grammar and spelling no-no’s. I like to call it “keepin’ it real.” 🙂

All that to say, I am basically falling off the face of the earth for the next few weeks. Other than the final Romans video that I will post next week and perhaps another excerpt or two from the study, I won’t be blogging.  I WILL, however, continue to post links, quotes, and other resources to encourage you to “marinate” in God’s Word on my Facebook page.  So, if you haven’t “liked” it yet, you should! (Facebook dot com/ marinateblog)

One last thing – will you pray for me? The task before me is way bigger than I have the time or energy to handle.  It’s definitely requiring me to flex those faith muscles and trust that God will indeed supply my every need. But I get anxious. I get tired. Sometimes I really doubt whether or not I’m actually going to finish on time, which often leads to a major “freak out moment” that usually invloves a tear or two. (My poor, poor husband.) I would be deeply grateful for your intercession on my behalf. DEEPLY grateful!

I’m REALLY looking forward to sharing the final product of this study with you. I will be posting some more details and a promotional video soon, so be on the lookout.

Until we meet again . . . keep marinating!!!

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