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Why I Love the Word “Marinate”

There are a lot of words to describe how we ought to interact with the Bible. We should read it, study it, meditate on it, memorize it, apply it, and on and on it goes. For me, all of those things are encompassed in the term “marinate.” Let me explain . . .

When my parents were newly married, they decided to splurge one night and grill a big, juicy steak at home. Before heading off to work, they stuck it in a marinade so that it would be nice and flavorful by the time they got home. Well, something came up that night and they didn’t get a chance to grill the meat. The same thing happened the next night, so by the time my parents actually got a chance to grill the steak it had been sitting in the marinade for 3 days! (If they had more money back then, they would have just thrown it out, but having steak for dinner was a luxury and they weren’t going to let it go to waste!)

My dad got the grill nice and hot, laid the steak down, heard that wonderful sizzling sound, and expected to take the first mouth-watering bite in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, no matter how long that steak stayed on the hot grill, it didn’t lose its raw look. He cooked it longer and longer, and got the grill hotter and hotter, but the steak hardly changed. What my parents finally realized is that the vinegar-based marinade they used had basically pickled the meat! It had soaked so far down into the steak, that there was absolutely nothing my dad could do to make it edible.

You and I should be like that steak when it comes to God’s Word. We should seek to soak in it so long that we are completely changed by it, from the inside out (Romans 12:2!). We should be so saturated with it that no amount of “heat” this world throws our way can deter us from passionately seeking to bring glory to our Savior. Marinating is all about imparting flavor. Oh how I long for everything that I think, say, do and desire to be “flavored” with the truth that God has revealed in His Word!

And that, sweet sisters, is why I love the word “marinate!” (Oh, and did I mention I have a slight food obsession? Haha!)

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